Month: July 2020

Sharing My Love of Subarus, Off-Roading, Outdoors and Charity

Ansel Adams Inspired Photos of My Ascent in Various National and State Parks Across the Country

Ansel Adams took some of the most stunning black and white photos of our National Parks – images that will forever be an inspiration to me. I decided to take some of my favorite Ascent photos from numerous National Parks, National Forests, State Parks and various adventures, and turn them into black and white pics inspired by his work. Here’s the first few in the multi-part series! I hope you enjoy!

To My Dear Anonymous Make-A-Wish Donor

To The Wonderful Anonymous Make-A-Wish Donor, my heartfelt thanks for your generous donation!!!

On this day in 2016…

On this day in 2016, four years ago, I became a Subaru Ambassador!

Choose the Right Hitch for Your Subaru Ascent

Considering Towing? Considering a Hitch? Choose the Right Hitch for Your Subaru Ascent With more and more people considering trailer adventures this summer, a bunch of you are considering getting…
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SUBARU HOW TO: How To Install the Cupholder Insert (PN: J131SXC100) in the Subaru Ascent

Here’s a quick video showing how to install the Subaru Ascent Cupholder Insert Part Number J131SXC100.