Month: December 2022

Sharing My Love of Subarus, Off-Roading, Outdoors and Charity

Check Out Some of My Favorite Off Roading Clips From My May 2021 Utah Adventure!

Here’s some of my favorite off-roading clips of my Ascent from my May 2021 Utah Adventure!!! To date, my National Park adventures (and the off-roading fun in the parks and in the National Forests) have helped raise over $2,500 in direct contributions to the National Park Foundation, and a similar amount directly benefitting NPS.

May 2021 Adventure S02E03 – Grand Staircase, Slot Canyons, Grosvenor Arch Adventure (Travel Log)

Follow us on our adventure through Grand Staircase, Alstrom Point, two slot canyons and off to Grosvenor Arch! USE THE CHAPTER FEATURE TO JUMP AROUND!!! There’s some great scenery in this one, but not a ton of technical off-roading.