Subaru How To: changing your Cruise Speed using Subaru’s new Adaptive Cruise Control

New Subarus use 5MPH increments for setting Cruise Speed, but…

  • Did you know that your Subaru Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) supports increasing/decreasing set speed in increments of 5 mph and in increments of 1 mph?
  • Did you know that your new #Subaru also has a standard cruise control mode?

Here’s the buttons related to cruise control type, and speed increase/decrease

Cruise Control button:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control: Click cruise button to activate
  • Standard Cruise Control: (This is a multi-step process):
    (1) Click cruise button to activate Adaptive Cruise Control
    (2) Press and hold both follow distance buttons for approximately 2 seconds to switch from “Adaptive” to “Standard” (follow markers will disappear from driver’s multi-display when Standard Cruise is enabled).
Increase/Decrease Speed (Adaptive or Standard):
  • Click speed paddle up/down for +/- 5 mph
  • Long press speed paddle up/down for +/- 1 mph

Ascent Manuals:


Manuals for Other Models:

  1. Go here:
  2. Click on “Vehicle Resources” and enter your VIN or Year, Make & Model to find the latest digital version of your manuals.