To My Dear Anonymous Make-A-Wish Donor

To My Dear Anonymous Make-A-Wish Donor

I wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your very generous donation to my Make-A-Wish Charity Fundraiser! That means so much to me! I grew up with a childhood full of go-carts (built and bought), tree forts, soccer, Dungeons and Dragons and so much more. So, I cannot imagine how extremely difficult the lives of Wish Kids are. Eventually, as an adult, many of us end up realizing at some point that medical issues are often a horrible burden to deal with. But, to be a kid dealing with a life threatening illness has to be so many times more horrible – not to mention that so many aspects of a normal childhood that get taken from them. 

Hearing the stories of those we’ve helped gain some enjoyment through a wish granted is a wonderful thing – knowing we’ve helped bring at least a few moments of normalcy and a few moments of being a kid into these children’s lives.

So, it means a lot to me, every time someone donates to my fundraiser and to this wonderful cause. Next year, we’ll know what wishes your donation and the donations of others have helped us grant, so, stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s some other wishes we all helped grant this year. Soon, we’ll know what wish you helped grant.

Thank you for your very generous donation!!! 

In gratitude,
Subaru Ambassador

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