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Sharing My Love of Subarus, Off-Roading, Outdoors and Charity

THANK YOU, Primitive Racing!!!

Five Subies, lotsa scraping tackling some sharp stuff, all running Primitive Racing Skid Plates!!! Also, a big thank you to Primitive Racing for helping us raise money for the National Park Foundation and for Make-A-Wish!!!

Installing and Testing out the NOVSIGHT CYBER 1 Pod Lights for off-roading in my Subaru Ascent

I was given the opportunity to test out the NOVSIGHT Cyber 1 Light Pods for my Subaru Ascent. They’re really solid lights, that are going to work great for me, off road!!

You can get yourself a set at 25% using the discount code AscentWilderBeast at

After running them for a little while, I am VERY happy with them.

Q&A: What’s my favorite off-roading recovery gear?

So, a question I get a lot is “What’s your favorite recovery gear?” Find out what I choose, from simplest and least risky to for the most difficult recoveries.