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Sharing My Love of Subarus, Off-Roading, Outdoors and Charity

JAN 10-14, 2024: Join us on the 23rd Annual 48hrs of Tristate Subaru Enthusiasts Drive for Charity Benefitting Make-A-Wish Sponsored by Subaru of America and Subaru of Indiana Automotive

23rd Annual 48hrs of Tristate Subaru Enthusiasts Drive for Charity Benefitting Make-A-Wish Sponsored by Subaru of America and Subaru of Indiana Automotive, you’ll get to meet and cruise with over a hundred other Subaru Enthusiasts from SoA HQ to Subaru of Indiana Automotive and to closing dinner in Eastern PA! This will be a four day 1,400 mile road cruise with cool stops, numerous door prizes and a bunch of cool people to make new memories with!

Get Ready to Join Me on My August Ascent Adventures, and Help Me Raise Money for the National Park Foundation!

I’m excited to announce my National Park Foundation fundraiser, happening now through my August Ascent Adventure! Besides fundraising for the National Park Foundation on my adventure, I’ll be hosting meet-up events all over the country, and hope you’ll join me.

It’s About WAY More Than Just The Off-Roading – And YOU Can Be a Part of It!!!

So, the whole world knows I love off-roading and overlanding, all over the country. I’ve got somewhere over 10,000 miles (and losing count) on non-paved surfaces ranging from fire trails/roads to beaches to mountains to deserts to 4×4 trails. But, that’s far from what I’m all about.

My friends and I also like giving back. I’m a part of MtnRoo, and the chapter I’m most active in, MtnRoo Tri-State, puts on some amazing volunteer events.

So, join us, and be a part of the next adventure (and do something good at the same time)!

Help Us Raise Money for the National Parks Foundation

Over the last year, the National Park Service has had their hands full, cleaning up after the two hundred and thirty seven million visitors who’ve visited the 62 National Parks. Sadly, many…
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I’ve just completed the 2021 48hrs of Tristate Subaru Enthusiasts Charity Drive for Make-A-Wish – and What a Blast!!!

Four dozen volunteers came together with over a dozen more supporting us online, to help us raise over $34,000 for Make-A-Wish.

Please help us raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Please help my friends and I from MtnRoo raise money in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night 2020 Fundraiser. This fundraiser is really important to me, as my dad died of chronic myelomonocytic leukemia in 2017.

Ansel Adams Inspired Photos of My Ascent in Various National and State Parks Across the Country

Ansel Adams took some of the most stunning black and white photos of our National Parks – images that will forever be an inspiration to me. I decided to take some of my favorite Ascent photos from numerous National Parks, National Forests, State Parks and various adventures, and turn them into black and white pics inspired by his work. Here’s the first few in the multi-part series! I hope you enjoy!