Turkey Swamp Wildlife Management Area Cleanup, Camping and Off Road Cruise (Aug 2022)

Turkey Swamp Wildlife Management Area Cleanup, Camping and Off Road Cruise (Aug 2022)

On August 26th-28th, 2022, MtnRoo Tri-State, including a bunch of Subaru Ambassadors, and friends from Subaru of America, went on another epic adventure – this time, to Turkey Swamp Wildlife Management Area, for a Cleanup, Camping and Off Road Adventure.

We picked up many thousands of pounds of trash, managed to recycle nearly a half ton of garbage, and had a lot of fun doing it!

A very special thank you to Subaru of America, for sponsoring our camping, lunches each day, Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast, a bunch of giveaways, and helping us recycle many hundreds of pounds of trash.
■ You can visit Subaru of America at www.Subaru.com
■ You can buy your Subaru Gear at https://SubaruGear.com

A big thank you to @getdimension for providing us dumpster services to help us remove literally tons of trash from the New Jersey State Forests.
■ For the cheapest and best on-demand trash service, visit https://TrashWarrior.com
■ For 10% off your first booking, use code MTNROO.
■ Or call them at 415-417-0289 and tell them MtnRoo Tri-State sent you.

In total, over 3 dozen Subaru Enthusiasts came together and removed a whopping amount of trash:
■ TRASH: 9,745 pounds
■ RECYCLING: 812 pounds
►TOTAL: 10,557 POUNDS◄

MtnRoo Tri-State Ten Month Forest Cleanup Totals:
■ NOV 2021: 1,136 pounds
■ APR 2022: 8,402 pounds
■ SEP 2022: 10,557 pounds
►TOTAL: 20,092 POUNDS◄


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