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Q&A: What’s my favorite off-roading recovery gear?

So, a question I get a lot is “What’s your favorite recovery gear?” Find out what I choose, from simplest and least risky to for the most difficult recoveries.

SUBARU HOW TO: How To Change the Battery in Your New Generation Subaru Key FOB. ALSO: How to fix the most common mistakes to save you from needing to buy a new keyfob case.

How To Change the Battery in Your New Generation Subaru Key FOB. ALSO: How to fix the most common mistakes to save you from needing to buy a new keyfob case.

It’s About WAY More Than Just The Off-Roading – And YOU Can Be a Part of It!!!

So, the whole world knows I love off-roading and overlanding, all over the country. I’ve got somewhere over 10,000 miles (and losing count) on non-paved surfaces ranging from fire trails/roads to beaches to mountains to deserts to 4×4 trails. But, that’s far from what I’m all about.

My friends and I also like giving back. I’m a part of MtnRoo, and the chapter I’m most active in, MtnRoo Tri-State, puts on some amazing volunteer events.

So, join us, and be a part of the next adventure (and do something good at the same time)!

My Experiences Towing With My 2019 Ascent Touring

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of tent camping in a spacious, 90 second setup, Gazelle T4 hub tent. But, every now and then, and more frequently in the past, I’d tow my best friend’s travel trailer.
A lot of people asked what it’s like towing with the Subaru Ascent. I think the Ascent makes an amazing part time tow vehicle, and it’s done really well for our needs. A number of people ask what my favorite towing gear is. Read on to find what I use.

2023 Subaru Ascent BMC Reveal – Check Out What’s New for the Subaru Ascent Refresh

What’s New in the Subaru Ascent’s First Refresh??? Learn what’s new in the 2023 Subaru Ascent Mid Generation Refresh!!! Besides a bunch of information on what’s new, a lot of you had questions. I’ve managed to get answers to all of them (including what colors the 2023 Subaru Ascent Refresh will come in), except two.

Taking the Subaru Outback Wilderness Off Road – Can The Outback Wilderness Climb?

Check out this video to see the Subaru Outback Wilderness in action in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, trying to make a very rutted, very steep climb, with ruts deep enough to easily high center the OBW. This OBW has no mods, and is entirely stock, right down to the tires.

Wanting to Have Some Off-Road Fun in a Subie in Moab?

A number of you have followed my #AscentAdventures all over the country, especially in Utah, and asked me “where can I take my Subie in Utah?” Well, the question is kinda complex, because it really depends on how your Subie is set up.

So, here’s some tips for Subaru Owners, from my May 2021 Utah/Arizona #AscentAdventure.

Help Us Raise Money for the National Parks Foundation

Over the last year, the National Park Service has had their hands full, cleaning up after the two hundred and thirty seven million visitors who’ve visited the 62 National Parks. Sadly, many…
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I’ve just completed the 2021 48hrs of Tristate Subaru Enthusiasts Charity Drive for Make-A-Wish – and What a Blast!!!

Four dozen volunteers came together with over a dozen more supporting us online, to help us raise over $34,000 for Make-A-Wish.

What Octane Should I Run In My Subaru Ascent/2020+ Outback XT?

What Octane Should I Run In My Subaru Ascent or 2020+ Subaru Outback XT? OCTANE… Well, this topic has come up three times in a week. So, I figured I’d…
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